Inner Armor Training Demo

Perpetual Resilience and Spiritual Fitness Demonstration Course

Inner Armor Training Demo is a free demonstration course of our proven resilience and spiritual fitness program. Initially developed for the U.S. Marine Corps for the spiritual fitness of the warfighter, to build a perpetual resilience. Inner Armor uses a blend of cognitive neuroscience, physiology, and sports psychology, along with universal faith-based principles delivered using gaming and micro-learning techniques.

1) Inner Armor will teach you the physical skill to order your thoughts. You will gain clarity. You will become crystal clear on the outcome you want. You will learn how to tap into the scientific process that gets the human machine (body, mind, and emotions) to become unified in its FOCUS.

2) Inner Armor will teach you how to tap into the internal and intrinsic motivational drivers that propel the human machine over any obstacle. How to keep fear from hijacking the brain and how to call up and deploy the most potent emotions to overcome any adversity, defeat exhaustion, frustration, and past disappointments. You will realize your DRIVE

3) You will go from merely enduring yet another storm, your existence of seemingly putting out one fire after another, to flourishing. No longer back on your heels, just making it through another one of those days – the kind where you are just numb at the end of it – which seems to be almost every day. No more just trying to last through the current crisis. No more grinding and gutting it out under the weight of crushing anxiety and stress. No longer just trying to survive. Inner Armor will take you down the scientific path that leads you to THRIVE.

Andrew D. Wittman, Ph.D., is a United States Marine Corps infantry combat veteran, a former police officer, and federal agent. As a Special Agent for the U.S. Capitol Police, Wittman led the security detail for Nancy Pelosi and has personally protected Hillary Clinton, King Abdullah of Jordan, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, Sir Elton John, as well as Fortune 20 CEOs. As a security contractor for the State Department, he taught high-threat diplomatic security to former Navy SEALS, Marines, Rangers, and Special Forces. He is the founder of the Mental Toughness Training Center, an executive leadership consultancy specializing in strategies on how to take control of your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and actions, especially under pressure and is the author of the books Ground Zero Leadership: CEO of You (2016) and Amazon's #1 new parenting release Seven Secrets of Resilience for Parents (2018). He is a guest lecturer at Clemson University and co-hosts the radio call-in show “Get Warrior Tough”. Andrew holds a Ph.D. in Theological Studies and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Fox News, The BBC, and many others.

Quest Curriculum

  • 2 Levels
  • Coaching By Dr. Andrew Wittman
  • Community Support
  • iOS & Android
  • Level 01


    1) Introduction to the concept of proactive resilience; 2) The 2- Minute Rule - giving yourself space to think; 3) How the brain (body) works with the mind and emotions; 4) CEO of You - getting your body, mind, and emotions to work together

  • Level 02

    Thinking as a Physical Skill

    1) Levels of Thinking; 2) The Four Step Critical Thinking Process; 3) Personalizing the Process; 4) Practicing the Process

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